About Bris Milah

A Spiritual Covenant

Practiced by Jews throughout the generations, Bris Milah was first introduced to Abraham by G-d when he was ninety-nine years old. Although Abraham was careful to practice all the tenets of the Torah even prior to their transmittal at Sinai, he didn't perform Bris Milah until he was commanded to do so. Rabbi Shimshon Pincus offers an explanation that an essential component of the Bris Milah is the fact that it represents a treaty between G-d and man. Bris Milah is a physical mark in a man's body portraying the connection between man and G-d. It is impossible to make a pact without both parties represented. Therefore Abraham waited until G-d commanded him to do so thus signifying his participation in this divine accord.

It is a well known tradition that Elijah the Prophet presides over every Bris ceremony. Some explain that his function is to represent G-d in the treaty at hand. Thus, as we bring our son and place him in the chair of Elijah we entreat him to supervise and protect him as he enters a pact with G-d A-lmighty.

We pray that just as he entered this pact with G-d accompanied by family, friends and well-wishers, the baby should grow and flourish, undertaking spiritual goals and endeavors to the applaud of all who know him.

Mazal Tov!